Education without skills is of no use in today's world

School of Vocational Education

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) program offered by the School of Vocational Education at Shri Venkateshwara University approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) strongly believes that education without skills is of no use in today's world. Jobs are becoming highly skill-intensive, and the present education system is largely comprised of the theoretical components, therefore less or no focus is being given on practical skills, which has largely impacted the job prospects amongst the job seekers.

Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) has established a School of Vocational Studies to address the gap between academia and industry needs. SVU has introduced Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) courses in multiple trades and specializations intending to provide students with in-depth knowledge on practical aspects to handle the complexities of tasks in the real work environment. The curriculum has been designed as per the guidelines laid down by NSQF.

The key objective is to make education more practical and industry-oriented, the larger portion i.e. 60% - 70% of the course is essentially to be imparted in skill component and the balance 30% is general education. Therefore, the student undergoes the skill component training within the respective industry. The “On Job Training” and “Work-Based Learning” elements are the essential components of the curriculum.

Moreover the skill development components of B.Voc. courses have been very carefully designed in consultation with industries/employers to ensure the adequate knowledge and skills at exit point which shall further ensure the students are work-ready and fit to be employed after the completion of the course. Thus, a thoughtfully designed skill Development course at Shri Venkateshwara University would give you comprehensive knowledge and excellence to explore more in your specific field.

About B.Voc. Programme

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) is a three-year undergraduate degree course, available in several fields for students who have completed their 12th standard or equivalent.

The University Grants Commission (UGC), in 2013, introduced Bachelor of Vocation, commonly known as B.Voc degree programme with multiple entry and exit points, which can be understood as after completing one year if the student opts for the exit, he/she is awarded a diploma certificate.

Similarly, there are other exit points from where the students can take an advanced diploma or a full-fledged B.Voc degree. The focus of this programme is to provide students with in-depth knowledge of practical aspects to handle the complexities of tasks in the real work environment. B.Voc. courses are considered to be a new generation training programme which emphases on industry practices and are carefully designed in consultation with industries/employers with an objective to make students industry-ready.

UGC-B.VOC Scheme

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a scheme on skills development based on higher education as part of college/university education, leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) Degree with multiple exits such as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the NSQF. The B.Voc. programme is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles and their NOSs along with broad based general education.

This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc. to make a meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs and creating appropriate knowledge. NSQF has adopted a very holistic approach in designing the credit framework primarily aimed at promoting lateral and vertical mobility, beauty lies in a pre-defined entry and multiple exit points. It is an effort to bridge the gap between certificate and Diploma level and between Diploma and Degree levels by allowing for mobility from one to the other.

It also provides an opportunity to Diploma holders to pursue graduation in vocational education and graduates to further pursue post-graduation using the previously earned credits, Overall this credit system helps improving the employability of our certificate, Diploma and Degree holders and provide a framework for lifelong learning through flexible credit transfers and Community College like institutions, within the framework of higher education institutions.


  • To provide judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of General Education.
  • To ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills, so that they are work ready at each exit point of the programme.
  • To provide flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points.
  • To integrate NSQF within the undergraduate level of higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates and meet industry requirements. Such graduates apart from meeting the needs of local and national industry are also expected to be equipped to become part of the global workforce.
  • To provide vertical mobility to students coming out of 10+2 with vocational subjects.

Level of Awards

The certification levels will lead to Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ B. Voc. Degree.

NSQF Level Skill Component Credits General Education Credits Total Credits for Award Normal Duration Exit Points / Awards
4 18 12 30 One Semester Certificate
5 36 24 60 Two Semester Diploma
6 72 48 120 Four Semester Advanced Diploma
7 108 72 180 Six Semester B. Voc Degree

Examination And Assessment

The assessment for the general education component will be done by the University as per the prevailing standards and procedures. The assessment for the skill development components will necessarily focus on practical demonstrations of the skills acquired.

University will consult the respective services of respective sector skill council for the skill component assessment for designing the examination and assessment pattern for the skill development components. University may also consider using the designated assessors of Sector Skill Councils/industry associations for the conduct of practical assessment or can form the panel of examiners as per bye laws/rules and regulations of University. University will establish a credit based assessment and evaluation system for the B.Voc. Programme.

Programme Offered by Shri Venkateshwara University under B.Voc Scheme

Sr. No. Trade Course Eligibility Duration
1 Agriculture B.Voc. Agriculture Science 10+2 3 Years
2 Electronics B.Voc. Automotive Manufacturing 10+2 3 Years
3 Electronics B.Voc. Robotics & Automation 10+2 3 Years
4 Electronics B.Voc. Virtual Instrumentation 10+2 3 Years
5 Electronics B.Voc. Industrial Automation 10+2 3 Years
6 HealthCare B.Voc. Medical Lab Technology 10+2 3 Years
7 HealthCare B.Voc. Radiology & Medical Imaging Technology 10+2 3 Years
8 HealthCare B.Voc. Operation Theatre Technology 10+2 3 Years
9 HealthCare B.Voc. Dialysis Technology 10+2 3 Years
10 HealthCare B.Voc. Optometry Technology 10+2 3 Years
11 HealthCare B.Voc. Hospital Management 10+2 3 Years
12 HealthCare B.Voc. Patient Care Management 10+2 3 Years
13 HealthCare B.Voc. Hospital Sterilization Technology 10+2 3 Years
14 HealthCare B.Voc. Cardiac Care Technology 10+2 3 Years
15 Retail B.Voc. Retail Management 10+2 3 Years
16 Tourism And Hospitality B.Voc. Hotel Management 10+2 3 Years

Since B.Voc. is a practical training programme, most of the learners are being consumed within the industries they undergo practical training and internships etc. However, University also have a dedicated team in placement cell that works throughout the programme with every learner to make sure that they are work-ready and fit to be employed after successful completion of programme.

Student Support Services

The focus of this learning programme is being given on developing the practical skills. Students are being provided with the Programme Coordinator to have a continuous assessment of learning. Well trained and professionals are always available with the learner at each every step to make sure that there are no hindrances in the learning.


B.Voc. offers the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience, internships and projects within the local community. On the job training is an essential part of this learning programme. B.Voc. curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunity, and the means, to apply skills and knowledge obtained through the study of their qualification in a supervised and real-work environment.

B.Voc. - e-Learning Studio

  1. E-Learning

    In the last decade education delivery mechanism has been passed through a paradigm shift, now smartphones, laptops etc. have become the classrooms. Besides the physical classes on campus, University provides state of the art IT infrastructure to learn online with opportunities to interact with expert faculty and mentors from the industry.

  2. E-Learning Materials

    The comprehensive self-learning material for each course will be available online. Apart from reading materials students will also have access to assignments, exercises and case studies pertains to their learning needs and it keeps updated in line with changing industry needs.

  3. E-Resources

    It provides a complete bouquet of learning resources available word wide, Recorded lectures, test yourself are some of the key facilities available to students for all courses throughout the year.

  4. E-Library

    Physical library at SVU has a modern collection of knowledge resources and state-of-art information services that fills an essential need for students. Besides the access to the campus library, students will also have 24*7 accesses to E-Library which has books bank from diversified fields.

Unique advantages of E-Learning Studio:

  • Access any time from any place
  • Anytime access to reading materials without any restrictions
  • Academic progress can be monitored throughout the programme
  • 24*7 access the learning resources - educational videos, real-life projects, case studies, PPTs and much more

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